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Control System Integrators Association's (CSIA) definition of a system integrator is:

" independent value-added engineering organization (or profit-loss division) that focuses on industrial control and information systems, manufacturing execution systems, and plant automation that require application knowledge and technical expertise for sales, design, implementation, installation, commissioning, and support."

System Interfaces
This is one specialty that Array can provide. Array interfaces to almost any system. We have interfaced many systems, even old legacy systems to display/report process information. If you have a question on whether we can interface it, please call. TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 DH+, ControlNet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, ASCII, and many more.

Veeder Root (Tank Monitor) <- ->DCS
Johnson Controls (HVAC) <- -> ABB/Bailey DCS
Caterpillar ECM (Diesel Gen.)<- ->Yokogawa DCS
Plus many PLC to DCS interfaces or PLC to PLC

SCADA-Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
Array can provide a SCADA solution to your existing system. We can provide seamless solution to help you upgrade or expand at a competitive rate. Array has experience in many different types of HMI packages. Array can install a web server which can provide process data to your campus intranet or even to the internet. Array can work with your IT department to interface between IT and your controls network. Array can also provide alarms that page beepers to any individual.

Fully Automatic Boiler Plant:
Array has made a boiler plant fully automatic by starting and stopping high pressure package boilers to maintain steam loads, warming boiler as needed, and maintaining drum levels through the use of the blow down valve during startups and off time.

Network Glitches at a Utility Plant:
One of our power customers had issues with their network. PLC was tripping the plant due to overworked network. Array came in and assessed the problems. We found numerous issues with the SCADA System and Network Architecture. We made recommendations to simplify their system. The customer allowed us to perform our recommendations, and the plant is running great.....knock on wood…

We can provide excel reports which automatically are saved/printed. Reports can be emailed or saved as 256bit encrypted PDF files. Reports can be generated that are beneficial for DEP, EPA, State or Federal requirements. Click here for a sample report.